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Squeaky Brakes Have You Screaming For Help? 4 Possible Causes

Sometimes, car problems are virtually undetectable. Other times, like in the case of squeaky brakes, they scream at you. Learn about the four most common reasons brakes start to squeak, how these issues could impact your safety on the road, and when it’s time to scream, "I need brake service near me!" Read More

How To: Make a No-Sew Road Trip Pillow

At Tires Plus, we’ve got more than just basic car tips for your road trips across the country. That’s why we’ve created this fun DIY no-sew seat belt pillow you can make with your kids in preparation for the vacation ahead. Read More

7 Steps to Safely Jumpstart a Dead Car Battery

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What Is Tread Void & Why Is It So Important?

The wheels on the bus may go round and round, but there’s a lot of technology behind those wheels that make the bus ride comfortable, quiet, and fuel efficient. Tread void is one of them! Here's what you need to know about this important tire term and what it means for your tires! Read More